Welcome to my world: wild, beautiful Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean.

For me, landscape has always been akin to mindscape, and although the island is encircled by sparkling blue water, I have chosen to live in the mountains on the edge of the rainforest. In a hand-built house powered by solar energy and surrounded by the things I love (books, dogs, flowers, artwork, trees, rainbows and waterfalls), I find the peace of mind to get on with my work.

The problem with being a writer in paradise, however, is how easy it would be to become a recluse. This website is my way to hook up with other people who care about the kinds of things I do; the environment and the future of our world. I trust you’re still out there.

rise-up-sista-coverJUST RELEASED! Rise Up, Sista

Rise Up, Sista, Kristine Simelda’s new novel, was released on November 15, 2021.

A Jamaican reggae artist and a British rocker meet in London in 1963, sparking a powerful story of friendship and cultural revolution.  Dedicated to the life of Nelly Stharre, a Dominican reggae artist who passed away in 2015, Rise Up, Sista explores the amazing diversity of music written and broadcast during the 1960s and beyond—rhythms that served as a uniting force during times of change and political unrest.

Watch the Trailer for Rise Up, Sista!

Read more about Rise Up, Sista here.

Island Books Matter

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