Wow! Thanks Alick!

Review of my novel A Face in the River as written by Alick Lazare, author of Pharcelle and Kalinago Blood.

Kristine Simelda has written a book of such sincerity and purpose that the poignancy of her story is overshadowed by the riveting, no-holds-barred telling of a life spent in search of love and happiness on an island paradise where everything is not always what it seems. A Face in the River is a story told with insouciant honesty that makes the most intimate and lurid romantic episode seem natural and as it should be. The writer has captured the authentic voice and spirit of a Caribbean that not many visitors get to experience, and she has narrated that experience with the same lyrical tone and voice that is so typical of Caribbean expression.
To read A Face in the River is to know the Caribbean at its most colorful and enchanting.