Official Launch of “A Face in the River.”

IMG_7012January 23, 2016 was a lovely day filled with good vibes and beautiful  people at Romance Cafe here in Dominica. After a long struggle with formatting and printing, I was finally able to launch  my debut novel “A Face in the River” in an edition I could be proud of. (Silly me! I thought all I had to do was write the book!) My friend Jussi warmed up the audience with his mellow jazz saxophone, and after everyone was settled with food and drink, I read Chapter 12, “Don’t Stop the Carnival” which I thought was appropriate to the season. The response was enthusiastic, and the line to purchase a signed copy of the book was long and gratifying. But as we say in Dominica: ‘Self-praise is no form of recommendation.’  So I’ll leave the glowing adjectives and intriguing questions to my friend Gwen, an island-based journalist who did a fantastic write up about the event. The link is  complete with lots of pictures and a personal interview with yours truly, which I hope you’ll follow and enjoy:   Now all I have to do is win the lottery so I can get on with publishing “River of Fire,” the fast-paced sequel where Krystal’s beloved island explodes due to a volcanic eruption on the first page!