Hi Everyone, Happy Holidays!

Hallelujah! Just in time for the holidays, my second novel, River of Fire, the sequel to my debut  A Face in the River, has been launched in Dominica and is now available from in paperback and e-book format! Here is the link: Kristine’s books

RIVER OF FIRE, by Kristine Simelda ©2016, River Ridge Press. 314 pages.


An older and wiser Krystal Sutherland, heroine of A Face in the River, is at it again. First and Third  Worlds collide in River of Fire, an absorbing cross-cultural adventure novel that grapples with hard issues of power, wealth, family ties, environmental terrorism, and personal absolution in conscientious and courageous ways. Will the island and people of Emerelda survive the devastation of a major volcanic eruption? Will Krystal, aka “The Green Goddess,” find her way back home from California?

Here’s what Alick Lazare, author of the historical Caribbean novels Pharcel and Kalinago Blood, has to say: ‘The tone of River of Fire is lyrical and fast-paced. The descriptions of multi-cultural characters and varied landscapes are vivid and authentic as the seamless series of events spans the distance between the glittering sophistication of California and the rainforests of rustic Emerelda. Romantic dreams are tinged with stark reality in this story of love, courage, and dedication to preserve what is best in nature and the human experience.’

A Face in the River, by Kristine Simelda  (c) 2014 River Ridge Press. 373 pages.


River of Fire and A Face in the River are available from both in paperback, US $14.95, and in Kindle E-book format, US $3.99. One or both just might be the perfect gift for someone who’s dreaming of tropical paradise for the New Year. If you order from Amazon and like what you read, PLEASE leave a customer review the page. They say it helps. For comments and constructive criticism contact me: at River Ridge Press. Enjoy!