It’s Not All About Me

Dear Readers,

My New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to  attempt to do more in terms of promotion of my books, A Face in the River and River of Fire, as well as those of other indie authors and publishers. Obviously, since we’re already into February, I’ve failed. I have a couple of excuses, like I’m trying to finish the 1st draft of my fourth novel, I’d rather spend my time writing and submitting new stories to journals, and I’m busy hanging out with my girlfriends. (That’s me in the middle in the pink.)12065832_10208113265368207_7042199128492019073_n

But unless somebody somewhere puts effort into the promotion and distribution by finding reviewers and spreading the word, even the best book any of us has written will go virtually unnoticed. For indie authors and publishers like me, a Stone Age woman  who has an aversion to social media and technology in general, this can be  discouraging.

But hey! What about getting my friend/designer/Girl Friday from Domnitjen magazine to help? So far we’ve conquered Amazon/ Create Space/KDP, Goodreads, and are working up to OMG! Facebook! That’s right folks! A FB page registered to my very own publishing imprint, River Ridge Press-Dominica, which I promise will not be all about me, is coming soon. Basic CMYK

11902343_911237195613908_4450841270707343966_nStill,  I so enjoy doing things the old- fashioned way  that I wonder if this Facebook venture will be a blessing or a curse. In  any event, thanks to the lessons learned from Donald Trump, be assured that I will never ever stoop so low as to utter a single angry, self-centered Tweet!