Wow!  I can’t believe this is the last entry in the journal. As we used to say back in the day, ‘Time flies when you’re having fun.’

January 13, 2013

Since December 21, 2012 WASN’T the end of the world, life goes on here in the rainforest. Beyond maintenance due to inevitable tropical decay, my philosophy these days leans more toward ‘let being be’ than constant expansion. The older I get, the less interest I seem to have in meddling with nature’s ways.  But sometimes I do have to interfere in order not to be completely overrun by the critters who were the original inhabitants of River Ridge. Every night, I take down all the artwork from the walls to discourage stinky bats from roosting behind the frames. I also continue to poison rats due to the deadly threat of leptospirosis to my dogs and myself. But up to now, I haven’t figured out what to do about the troublesome birds in the kitchen.

Forget about the charming animated Walt Disney movie Snow White. Mr. Pennwè and Madam Mwéson, the Creole names for the male and female Lesser Antillean Bullfinch, are serious pains in the butt. There is no way food can be left uncovered. Ripe bananas, bread, eggs, and just about anything else edible are all at serious risk of being attacked. If I leave my breakfast or  lunch dished up on the table, they’re instantly in it. When it’s time to feed the dogs, flocks of them swoop into the kitchen to steal pieces of chicken and rice and dog kibble. And of course what goes in must come out. Bird poop is all over the place—the floor, the sink, the shelves, and the coffee table. I have to scrub it off the wicker furniture with a brush if I’m expecting seated company. And the  little buggers  break things; they throw down teakettles, ashtrays, even tins of milk and jars of coffee!  According to local folklore, their sassy vocalization, Tou-chwit, i-cho-o-o, means the food is well-cooked but too hot to eat. But I have a sneaky suspicion the bullfinches are really saying something much ruder, like, ‘That’s what you get for having no screens in your windows and doors that are open all the time.’


Well, folks,  that’s about it for the journal Here in the Rainforest from 2003-2013. But you know what? I had such a nice time revisiting my life that I plan to continue the making entries. Hey! Unbeknownst to me, I was blogging before I even had a website!  As for what happened during the past 4 years, I guess  I must have been concentrating on publishing my debut novel, A Face in the River, and it’s sequel, River of Fire. For a taste of what they’re about, why not check out the book tab of the “Kristine’s Work” section of this website?

P.S. Novel #3, Nobody Owns the Rainbow,  is coming soon!