New Novel from Kristine Simelda!


Nobody Owns The Rainbow

A Novel by Kristine Simelda

An exciting Caribbean adventure/romance with a biotech twist that pits human arrogance against the power of Nature in a tale of love, greed, family, and ultimate redemption.

Johnny Baptiste, a big-hearted young Rasta, has grown up on an unspoiled Caribbean mountain called Morne Plaisance. Yet when the glamour associated with the “real” world tempts him, he develops a serious drug problem. His cousin Stanford promises to make him rich by buying the family’s land after his father dies. Although Johnny reluctantly agrees, he has second thoughts when Stanford leases the land to a foreign biotech company that tears up the mountain under the guise of constructing a national abattoir but is secretly committed to resurrecting a strain of genetically modified swine classified as “Enviropigs.”

Frank Stein, a Canadian genetic scientist, along with his Chinese girlfriend, Won Ling, arrive on the island to supervise the mischief. When the government calls in Irene Rahming, an environmental expert from Trinidad, to assess the feasibility of the project, the cast of multinational characters is complete.

Johnny falls in love with Irene, not only because of her beauty, but also because of her feisty, compassionate spirit. Together with Johnny’s mother, Alma, the indigenous Kalinago warriors, and local Rasta brethren, they fight to save Morne Plaisance from wanton destruction.

Will Johnny and Irene succeed in stopping New Dawn? Or will “Paradise” be lost forever?


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Jays Bookstore, Independence St., Roseau

Departure lounge at the Douglas-Charles Airport, Melville Hall

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