New From River Ridge Press Dominica: Back to the River

BTTR - Book 3 of the River Series

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At Last!  Back to the River is available from Amazon in paperback and eBook! Set against a lush Caribbean backdrop, Back to the River is the third entry in the “River” series featuring Krystal Sutherland, heroine of A Face in the River and River of Fire. Compelling, dangerous, and spellbinding, the novel is a heady mix of ghosts, Creole folklore, and time travel sure to intrigue adventure-loving readers of all ages.

A major volcanic eruption has caused Isaiah, an orphaned island boy, to grow up as the adopted son of a privileged family overseas. When he returns to the island of his birth in an attempt to reconnect with his aging Godmother, Krystal, and his Caribbean roots, he encounters much more than he bargained for!

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