What in the World is a “Flying Crapaud?”

Hi Everyone,

No, I haven’t been kidnapped by an alien frog! Just been busy with trying to get my house back in order 2 and a half years post Hurricane Maria. The good news is that I’ve also been keeping up with my writing. Most recently, I’ve been published in a collection of weird and wonderful short stories written by authors of the Commonwealth of Dominica. ( If it’s weird and wonderful, you know I’m onboard. Looks like I’m finally in the “club.”)

The Flying Crapaud, a unique collection of Dominican folklore, fantasy, sci-fi and other genres is live on Amazon.com for only $10 USD! My story is called “The Abattoir” and trust me, it’s plenty scary! Yikes! Check it out!

The link is:


What else? Well, I have an upcoming publication in the 2020 edition WomanSpeak, a lovely journal of writing and art by Caribbean women. Google it, you’ll see. I’ve also submitted short stories to The Caribbean Writer, The Commonwealth Short Story Prize, and an essay to Adda on climate change in the  Caribbean. So keep your toes crossed.

I’m still looking for an agent to represent my 5th novel, Rise Up ,Sister, a book about female friendship between a British rocker and a Jamaican reggae artist that spans over 50 years.  Meanwhile, my writing group, Waitukubuli Writers, is perking along with over 40 members. We did 3 sales events before Christmas and are working on an anthology of new writing…poems, short stories, an essays to be pubished by October 2020. I promise to be a more concious blogger and keep you posted.