The Remains of Today

The Remains of Today

© Kristine Simelda

The best-laid plans will turn to dust
If tomorrow never comes.
Hopes and dreams will stall and rust
If the future is a ghost.

Experts tell us ‘Stay at home,
Some find it quite a curse.
But if a soul is home alone
That makes it even worse.

Fretful, lonely, desperate, hopeless:
These conditions need not be chronic.
Connected, active, open, selfless:
Shake well and drink the tonic.

But how to heal the whole wide world?
You ask the wizened sages.
Ah! Compassion, gratefulness, respect, and love,
Soothing balms throughout the ages.

And if tomorrow never comes?
Then we all must find a way
To gracefully, mindfully, humbly, cheerfully
Embrace the remains of today.