When I first moved to the island of Dominica, I read every Caribbean book in the Roseau Public Library to acquaint myself with my adopted homeland. Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria ravaged the historic landmark, and up until now, it stands in ruins, roofless and forgotten. Nor has the treasure trove of Caribbean books it contained beenContinue reading “CARNEGIE”

Advice for Writers of Short Fiction

Tidbits of Advice for Writers of Short Fiction from Kristine Simelda, Editor at River Ridge Press, Dominica. A short story focuses on one incident, as opposed to a novel with more room to explore. It has a single plot and a limited number of characters, including protagonist and antagonist. It occurs over a relatively shortContinue reading “Advice for Writers of Short Fiction”

How to Set Up a Short Story, Screenplay or Novel

Suggested Set Up for a Short Story, Screenplay or Novel from Kristine Simelda, Editor at River Ridge Press, Dominica. Plot + character =story. ( Skeleton + great characters = the point of the story.) Does a character we care about reach their goal? What is the question they are asking? What happens if they fail?Continue reading “How to Set Up a Short Story, Screenplay or Novel”


© Kristine Simelda Storm force winds slam loose shutters against my splintered window frames. A few more shards of broken glass litter my rotting floorboards where trash has collected since the last hurricane. Whining, a stray mongrel coaxes her puppies under the abandoned circulation desk while rain streams through my bare rafters. The dog knowsContinue reading “Carnegie”

Peace and Love

Forever the optimist, I’m looking forward to positive transformation in the years to come. Like what, you might ask? How about exchanging global war for world peace? Overconsumption for sustainability? Sickness for health? Ungodliness for spirituality? Separateness for community? Throwaway culture for organic living? Loss of biodiversity for letting being be? Lack of perception forContinue reading “Peace and Love”