Peace and Love

Forever the optimist, I’m looking forward to positive transformation in the years to come. Like what, you might ask? How about exchanging global war for world peace? Overconsumption for sustainability? Sickness for health? Ungodliness for spirituality? Separateness for community? Throwaway culture for organic living? Loss of biodiversity for letting being be? Lack of perception forContinue reading “Peace and Love”

No Thanks

Before Hurricane Maria, I was an uncomplicated woman. Imagine. I hadn’t had a TV for 25 years. Sure, I’d installed a dozen costly poles for phone and internet service, but I only used my laptop as a typewriter and for research. I had a boom box for music, and a portable DVD player to watchContinue reading “No Thanks”

Beyond the First Draft: Rise Up, Sista

Hi Everyone, No. I haven’t forgotten you. Lightning struck, and I’ve been tied up with the intricacies of working with a REAL publisher, TouchPoint Press, on my upcoming novel Rise Up, Sista. That’s right! After years of doubt, and soul searching, I finally landed a traditional publisher. Not that figuring out River Ridge Press, DominicaContinue reading “Beyond the First Draft: Rise Up, Sista”

Dignity, Power, and Place

Long before Europeans arrived in the Caribbean, indigenous people inhabited the islands. Over the centuries that followed, millions of Taino, Arawak, and Kalinago Indians, who were erroneously christened Caribs by the invaders, suffered ruthless genocide. Today, only the Kalinago survive, and Dominica, Waitukubuli, has the largest settlement of indigenous people in the region. Yet whatContinue reading “Dignity, Power, and Place”