Hi Everyone, Happy Holidays! Hallelujah! Just in time for the holidays, my second novel, River of Fire, the sequel to my debut  A Face in the River, has been launched in Dominica and is now available from in paperback and e-book format! Here is the link: Kristine’s books RIVER OF FIRE, by KristineContinue reading “My New Book: RIVER OF FIRE”


HEY! I MADE THE BIG TIME WITH A REAL PUBLISHER! CHECK IT OUT! Akashic Books: is proud to introduce a new flash fiction series, Duppy Thursday. Though we’re based in Brooklyn, our location envy of the Caribbean is evident throughout our catalog. One aspect of Caribbean literature that appeals to us is the integration of folklore into contemporaryContinue reading “THE REAL CARIBBEAN”

1.5 to Stay Alive

  Climate change threatens the very existence of some Caribbean islands. Beyond the impact on tourism, elevated temperatures and sea levels, extreme weather patterns, intense drought, and careless industrial pollution pose grave risks to local residents, farmers and fishermen. At the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) held in Paris this December, Caribbean nations must insistContinue reading “1.5 to Stay Alive”