Nobody Owns the Rainbow (2018)

Nobody Owns the Rainbow (2018)

Nobody Owns the Rainbow

Nobody Owns the Rainbow is an exciting Caribbean adventure/romance with a biotech twist that pits human arrogance against the power of Nature in a tale of love, greed, family, and ultimate redemption.

Johnny Baptiste, a big-hearted young Rasta with an inherent respect for the environment, develops a serious drug problem after his father dies. His cousin Stanford promises to make him rich by buying the family land. But when Stanford leases the property to a multi-national biotech corporation, Johnny realizes he has sold his birthright to unethical exploiters. Irene Rahming, an environmental expert, arrives on the island to assess the project. She and Johnny fall in love and, together with the help of the indigenous Kalinago people, they attempt to drive off the aggressors.

Will Johnny and Irene thwart the plans of New Dawn, or will “paradise” be lost forever?

Kristine Simelda won the 2018 People’s Choice Award for Dominican Literary Artist of the Year for Nobody Owns the Rainbow! This annual honor is awarded by Ian Jackson (in conjunction with the People’s Choice Awards) and published in The Sun Newspaper.

“…. On the Nature Island [in 2018], ‘Nobody Owns a Rainbow,’ by Kristine Simelda, is the choice of literary artiste for the year. Not just because of this wonderful publication (which I also had the opportunity to read), but because of her leadership role in the  ‘Waitukubuli Writers’ of which she is a pioneer. Since the demise of the Dominica Writers Guild a couple decades now, she has spearheaded efforts and has put together a team of writers who share work, organize promotions and local book sales.”


An island adventure with a hi-tech twist! Nobody Owns the Rainbow is an engaging, entertaining tale that entwines concerns about genetic modification with a Caribbean worldview. See what comes to pass when bio-engineers clash with Rasta brethren and indigenous Kalinago Indians—you won’t be disappointed!
W. Walsh, Executive Director, Delphis Ltd. (2019)