Island Books Matter

Along with the rest of the island, the charming, historic Roseau Public library, which contained a treasure trove of Caribbean books, was ravaged by Hurricane Maria. Up till now, the building has not been restored, nor have those books been replaced. Instead we have shelves and shelves of books donated by overseas organizations that have little to do with Dominican culture.

The first rule of becoming an author is to read more than you write. But how are young people supposed to respect and celebrate their heritage when what they read is extraneous to small island living? Where is the support for Caribbean books and encouragement for aspiring local authors? Here is a Recommended Reading List of Books created by Dominica’s Authors and Publishers.

Our Recommended Reading List

Books by Local Caribbean Authors & Publishers ~ most are available at Jays Bookstore in Dominica or online at Amazon (click the Book Title link).

Children’s Books

Dominica’s Folk Beliefs, by Jeno J. Jacob

How the Agouti Lost His Tail, by Jeno J. Jacob

Look Back!, by Trish Cooke, illustrations by Caroline Binch 

Mosquito Bounce, by Jane Ulysses Grell

Snake King of the Kalinago, by Grade 6 Atkinson Primary School, Dominica

I Am Dominica, Mwen se´ Donmnik, Written by Mara Etienne-Manley/Artwork by Aaron Hamilton

Young Adult Books

Abraham’s Treasure, by Joanne Skerrett

Back to the River, by Kristine Simelda

Gone to Drift, by Diana McCaulay

Home, Home, by Lisa Allen-Agostini

Longger-Jo Takes on the Bully, by Sharon Dorival

Look at Me, Father, See Me, by Dorothy Leevy 

The Art of White Roses, by Viviana Nunez-Prado

Three Nights Later, The Soukouyan on the Roof and Other Stories, by Roy Sanford

Yet We Survive: The Kalinago People of Dominica: our lives in words and pictures, by Mary Walters 

Adult Books

A Different Corner, by Eileen Phillips

A Face in the River, by Kristine Simelda

Black and White Sands, by Elma Napier

Bonfire, by Anella D Shillingford

Choosing Agriculture as a Career, by Jayson Sorhaindo

Guabancex, by Celia Sorhaindo

Home Again: Stories of Migration and Return, Edited by Celia Sorhaindo and Polly Pattullo

In the Forests of Freedom: The Fighting Maroons of Dominica, by Lennox Honychurch

It Falls into Place, by Phyllis Shand Allfrey

Kalinago Blood, by Alick Lazare

Love for an Island, by Phyllis Shand Allfrey

Montage Domnik: New Stories and Poems from Dominica, by Waitukubuli Writers

Most Wanted, by Christborne Shillingford

Nature Island Verses, by Alick Lazare

Nobody Owns the Rainbow, by Kristine Simelda

Partners for Life, by Alfred C. Leevy

Pharcel: Runaway Slave, by Alick Lazare

Praise Songs, by Jane Ulysses Grell 

River of Fire, by Kristine Simelda

Tales of St. Marts, by Nicole Georges Bennett

The Flying Crapaud, A Collective of Stories from Dominican Authors, by TFC Collective (Author), Kristopher Noseworthy (Editor)

The Orchid House, by Phyllis Shand Allfrey

The Ravages of a Monster Storm on a Tropical Island, by Jules Pascal 

Through Their Eyes, by Nicole Georges – Bennett

White River Blues, by Jane Ulysses Grell

Yet We Survive, by Mary Walters

Your Time is Done Now, Edited by Polly Pattullo

Updated  11-Jun-2021