The Nature Island Literary Festival, 2015

20150808_IMG_5054_1_1The Dominica Lit Fest went off more or less as scheduled, albeit lightly attended due to the fact that the Bishop of Roseau launched his new book on the same night as the opening ceremony. In any event, I was proud to be a featured presenter, and have a chance to promote my debut novel, “A Face in the River,” locally. Everything had gone well so far — the book was written, edited, and designed right here in Dominica. I had even established my own imprint with CARICOM, River Ridge Press, so that it could be printed on the island. What I never expected was that the printer, who had promised to deliver 200 copies in time for the event, would only cough up 18 at the last minute. How embarrassing! Not only did I lose money, but I lost integrity with my potential readership. Imagine: I paid my ½ deposit on June 6th, and as I write, almost 4 months later, no one can tell me what happened to the rest of my books! Anyway, I don’t intend to give up. Maybe I’ll hire a lawyer, or, if I can get the covers in my hands, I’ll have them “stuffed” elsewhere. As they say, ‘live and learn’ but what an expensive and disheartening lesson. Meanwhile, onward! “A Face in the River” is available from Amazon as an e-book and in paperback, and my second novel “River of Fire” is waiting in the cue for a chance to amaze and entertain my slightly diminished fan club.